Click2Pay is one of the world’s most trusted and reputable web wallets boasting superb security features, iron clad banking facilities and complete peace of mind on all financial transactions.

Available at a wide range of e-retailers, Click2Pay allows customers to make fast, easy deposits and purchases online, using just their account name and password.


Click2Pay digitally encrypts all of the transactions it processes meaning secure banking and some of the highest level commercially available security for all its customers. Click2Pay uses a secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection to provide the best possible security on all transactions and all data is protected with a 128-bit key.

The company also continually monitors its systems in order to improve and enhance the security features it provides. All personal information is saved on systems with a strictly limited access system.


The advantages of having a Click2Pay account are numerous and customers will enjoy enhanced online security, centralisation of all banking details – you’ll only ever have to remember one username and password – and instant payments on a safe, digitally encrypted network.

A Click2Pay account also gives you added privacy; you can check your statements online and will not have transactions listed on your bank account that you do not want to appear.

Click2Pay is also widely available and is one of the most regularly accepted methods of payment at some of the world’s leading online casinos.

Check out their website today and find out more about registering a Click2Pay account for all of your digital transaction needs.