ClickAndBuy makes online banking easy – with one click you can make purchases on a wide range of websites, a total of more than 16,000 partner stores in fact. ClickAndBuy is a type of popular online banking method known as an eWallet. This means it acts as an intermediary between you and the merchant so your bank details are never disclosed to other parties. In this way, eWallets protect your personal details and reduce the risks of fraud. All you’ll ever need to make an online payment is your account name and password – it really couldn’t get any easier!

Total Security

ClickAndBuy operates in accordance with the 2011 Electronic Money Institution Regulations and has been awarded the McAfree Certificate for Safety and Security. ClickAndBuy is also regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the United Kingdom and thus can be relied on as 100% dependable.

It’s little wonder that ClickAndBuy is a popular e-banking method with online gamers, as it allows them bank securely with complete peace of mind in just a few clicks. That means they can get right to the fun part – playing and winning!

ClickAndBuy accepts number of payment methods, including direct debit, instant bank transfer, credit card and pre-paid cards, meaning players have plenty of options when it comes to topping up their accounts. All major online casinos support ClickAndBuy as an efficient and safe deposit option. It’s really easy to track your payments to the casino closely when you use ClickAndBuy, making it easy to watch your budget and be sure not to over spend.

ClickAndBuy can also be used to make mobile payments via the ClickAndBuy iOS App and website. ClickandBuy have become one of the most popular payment methods for mobile gamers due to their solid reputation and steadfast dedication to player security.

Opening a ClickAndBuy Account

Setting up a ClickAndBuy account is quick and easy. Simply fill in your bank details and select your preferred method to transfer funds into your account. As soon as the transfer is complete you’ll have your nifty ClickAndBuy account at your disposal for use whenever you want to make an online payment.